We're on a mission to eliminate the administrative work of running a nonprofit

We're former nonprofit profession turned tech entrepreneurs dedicated towards completely reimagining the impact industry.
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Creating a world where nonprofits only ever think about solving the world's toughest problems.

— We're committed to using the latest AI technology to help organizations achieve their goals. Advancing Social Good with AI-Powered Solutions.
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Meet our team

We've helped charities both big and small raise millions of dollars towards the causes they care about.
Mubarrat Choudhury
Founder & CEO
Over $5,000,000 raised for nonprofits. Experienced Product Manager in Applied AI at Apple.
Abrahim Javed
COO, CX, & Sales
Former Executive Director of a seven-figure nonprofit. Master in Professional Accounting at UT.
Naumaan Hassan
Former Vice-Executive Director of a seven-figure nonprofit. Experienced DevOps Consultant at AWS.
Nabil Khan
Former Vice-Executive Director of a seven-figure nonprofit. Former backend developer for Atlassian.

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